Thursday, February 3, 2011

Watercolor Plants...aka...Holly Day! {smiles}

I am a Guest Designer on Savvy Projects Blog TODAY!  YaY!  Click HERE to view the Savvy Projects Blog so that you can see my creations with details on how I made them!

I had SO much fun creating this card! My goal was to create a collage. I LOVE creating collage cards!

The biggest challenge for me on this card was tying the bow! Ha!

This card was FUN for me because I usually work with darker colors. I'm trying to expand my comfort zone!

This card was inspired by an old book that I was going to throw away...

This was a simple and fast card to make...just black ink and a few layers!

Aquacolors are SO much FUN to play with!


Chelsea said...

congrats Holly! They are all Wonderful!!!

Paula-Kay Bourland said...

Holly, I love your cards, and wrote more on Mischelle's blog comments regarding them. I also like your new blog. Great job. I am so NOT computer savvy and this blog trend is really stretching me! You are FABULOUS! Love you1

Carol said...

Beautiful cards Holly. I'll be casing a few of them.

Holly said...

Thanks! I am SO new to this whole "blog" thing. I am learning a little more everyday! I have decided to keep it simple! ;) I am so glad you enjoyed my cards!